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1. Commercial carpet can improve indoor air quality

Indoor air quality is the focus of schools, offices and hospitals, and commercial carpet plays an important role in improving indoor air quality.

The fiber of commercial carpet can absorb irritants and allergens in the air, so that they can not get close to the breathing area of human body until they are removed by vacuum cleaner.

Due to lack of fiber adsorption, the amount of inhalable particles in the upper respiratory area of hard flooring is nearly 9 times than that of commercial carpet area. From a cleaning point of view, the particles are also more difficult to remove because when the floor is dragged, the allergen will spread to the whole ground and cannot be completely removed.

Commercial carpets also help solve mold and mildew problems. Antibacterial coating can be added to the back of carpet for commercial use. At the same time, open-hole molecular materials are used in the back of carpet. Moisture can be exuded and volatilized from the cracks, so as to avoid mildew and bacteria caused by moisture.

2. Commercial carpet can improve indoor environment

In addition to improving the indoor air quality, carpet tiles for commercial use also help to improve the overall indoor environment.

Commercial carpet (especially the carpet with soft back) has good thermal insulation performance. It can improve thermal comfort and people can feel more comfortable when sitting and working.

The diversified styles of commercial carpet can easily create a bright, warm and pleasant environment. 92% of the teachers think that the classroom interior design has a great impact on students' academic performance, and comfortable commercial carpet can help improve the school performance with half the effort.

3. Commercial carpet can improve body comfort

Whether working in the office environment all day, pacing in the hospital corridor, or standing in the classroom, employees and enterprises are increasingly concerned about the comfort at their feet.

Independent laboratory test results show that due to the special performance of commercial carpet, it can reduce the impact load of the heel by nearly 30%. A suitable carpet, such as soft carpet, can reduce muscle tension by nearly 24%. The material of carpet sole and sports sole have the same principle, which can reduce the distraction and discomfort caused by fatigue and muscle pain.

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