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In home decoration, decorative rugs have gradually become an indispensable element. Rich patterns and colors adjust the color and style of the interior. rugs of different materials bring a coolness and warmth to the home.

There are many rug materials at home, which materials are suitable for where? What kind of rug is cleaner? Are rugs like this affordable? Let's watch it together!

Ⅰ. Blanket rug

Rugs made of raw materials of woolen blankets have a wool content of more than 80%, and are high-end products in area rugs. It is suitable to be placed in the bedroom, study and other places with few activities and relatively quiet.

1. Advantages: soft to the touch, high tensile strength, good elasticity, thick texture, noise reduction, adjustment of indoor dry humidity, and certain flame retardancy.

2. Disadvantages: expensive, not resistant to bacteria, dirt, easy to moth, low thermal conductivity, not easy to get wet, not easy to clean.

3. How to choose: Blankets require smooth, dense, clear lines and uniform thickness. The blanket is lightly pressed by hand, and after loosening, it will return to its original state immediately, and there is no "hair falling" phenomenon. After paving, the color pattern is symmetrical, the cut pieces are uniform, and there is a three-dimensional sense. The rubber back is sturdy and does not crack.

Ⅱ. The interwoven rug

The rug is made of pure wool fiber blended with various synthetic fibers such as nylon, nylon and other materials, and the plush ratio is 20-80%. It's custom printed carpet tiles and contemporary carpets for living room.

1. Features: good wear resistance, anti-moth-eaten, no static electricity, not easy to mold, and affordable.

2. Defects: The color, texture, feel, etc. are worse than wool rugs, easy to accumulate soil, difficult to maintain, and short life.

3. How to choose: The most intuitive method is to lay the rug in a bright place, and the color of the whole rug should be coordinated and dyed evenly. In addition, to make the overall composition of the rug complete, the pattern lines are clear and rounded, and the outlines between colors and colors should be sharp. The surface of the blanket is flat and has a sealing strip, no flaws,

Ⅲ. Chemical fiber rug

Chemical fiber rugs are also known as cinema room carpet. Mainly used in corridors, stairs, home cinema room and other places that move frequently.

1. Advantages: tensile strength, bending resistance, damage resistance, better performance and cheap price.

2. Defects: poor rebound, poor light resistance, easy to generate static electricity, not resistant to high temperature, flammable and easy to pollute.

3. Selection method: look at the high suede height of the rug; look at the back of the rug without opening glue, and stick to the glue.

Ⅳ. Straw rug

Most of the straw rugs are made of hemp rattan or reed. Suitable for living room and garden.

1. Features: strong penetration, refreshing feel, help to soothe the nerves, warm in winter and cool in summer, disinfection and sterilization, long service life, good environmental protection.

2. Disadvantages: easily affected by the season, easy to mildew, afraid of water, fire, easy to damage, not easy to clean.

3. Purchasing: When choosing a straw woven rug, try to choose complete materials, good dryness, neat and tight cloth surface, and few knots.

Ⅴ. Plastic rug

Plastic rugs, also known as rubber rugs, are made of PVC resins, plasticizers and other additives after uniform mixing and plasticization, which can replace pure wool rugs and chemical fiber rugs. Suitable for entrance, bathroom interior.

1. Advantages: bright color, sturdy and durable, not easy to burn, and self-extinguishing, not afraid of moisture, insect-proof, mildew-proof, good elasticity, wear-resistant, can be spliced arbitrarily according to the area.

2. Defects: thin texture, high hardness, no fading, not easy to age.

3. How to choose: Plastic rugs are easy to stain, so choose a strong, good size and style. At the same time, because of the material, it is also necessary to choose a non-slip design on the back.

The use of blankets is large, and it is difficult to clean. It needs to be cleaned in a professional dyeing shop on a regular basis. Moreover, commercial modern office carpet is consumables. If they are not properly maintained and used, they will need to be replaced every few years, which is also a lot of money.

Therefore, when choosing materials, you still have to choose according to your own needs, and at the same time choose high-quality products, which is the most economical.

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