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Carpets are one of the earliest handicrafts of mankind, representing human civilization, carrying the nation, folklore, and folk art, leaving us with cultural memories. As an important carrier of interior space design, carpet conveys the designer's design concept and can echo the overall environment well. Some have beautiful dancing postures, and some are colorful, conveying humanistic feelings and bright artistic propositions.

At present, hotel carpet has been incorporated into the furnishing design system in the design of star hotels and boutique hotels, which is an important manifestation of enhancing the added value of space art.

Ⅰ. Hotel carpets are used as arts and crafts

As arts and crafts supplies, hotel carpets have functional and aesthetic functions, as well as subordination and independence.

1. Use function: Floor paving function, with the functions of dust absorption and purification, sound absorption and noise reduction, moisture insulation, and heat preservation. The hotel carpets are soft and comfortable for the feet.

2. Aesthetic function: decorative objects have the function of beautifying the decorative environment. Generally speaking, the first is looking at colors, the second is looking at patterns, and the third is touching (touching the texture). From visual perception and mental sensing to behavioral acceptance, it is a process of getting aesthetic.

3. Subordination: the hotel project carpet, together with furniture and textiles, constitute the main indoor furnishings. There are similarities among the parts in style, texture, color tone, and craftsmanship. The carpet is not isolated. It exists in the indoor environment and forms a harmonious and unified relationship with the existing environment. Design is the solution to the problem of interrelationships.

4. Independence: the expression of aesthetic function. Hotel carpets can also be classified as works of art. For example, handmade carpets have become key furnishings and collections with their unique artistry, and become the unique artistic language of interior design.

Ⅱ. Hotel carpets are used as floor coverings, large textiles and furnishings

The diversity and uncertainty of attribution make carpets a carrier of expressing emotions and expressing artistic individuality in environmental art design. Regarding the design of single carpet products, the concept of large-scale environmental art design should be established. Handle the overall and partial relationship between the carpet and the environment from a macro and micro perspective.

The hotel carpet, such as our Victorian floral wall-to-wall carpet and luxury hotel carpet series, is the surface, which forms the background and scene relationship through the enclosure with other interfaces. It is in a peaceful state, forming an echoing relationship with furniture and textiles. The carpet is a point, separated from the background relationship, emphasizes its contrast, and becomes a "carpet on the carpet" or a "point decoration".

The point and surface of the hotel rugs are relative to the spatial form. The carpets of the same design and color in the hotel rest area, banquet hall, and corridor should be adjusted with the change of space form and space conversion. However, only by maintaining continuity can the dots, lines, and surfaces of the hotel carpet are connected to each other so that the carpet becomes a link that conveys information and connects the space and emotions.

Ⅲ. The quality, material, and color design of hotel carpets are all affected by the overall positioning of the indoor environment art design

The steps of hotel carpet design will be preceded, and the carpet profession should be incorporated into the hotel design system from the beginning of the conceptual design. Woven carpets tend to be modern and simple in terms of attributes and decoration.

Handmade carpets strengthen their artistic uniqueness in terms of independence and artistry. At the same time, handmade carpets are innovated and developed on the basis of inheritance and will become a contemporary art collection.

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