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The application of rugs can be said to be very common now, and some ordinary families can also use them, but the quality of rugs used in some high-end communities or villas is very good, and of course, very well-known brands are also used.

However, when using a rug, the material of the rug is also different, and you should choose the right one according to your own environment and place. So what kind of material is good for the rug? Let's see it together!

1. Wide application of rugs

In many homes today, especially in these good houses such as single-family villas and duplex buildings, rugs are used. The rugs are beautiful and elegant, and the advantages of maintaining wooden floors are favored by many people. It can make the entire home furniture environment more different, and many rugs can make home furniture more luxurious.

With the development of science and technology, some new raw materials have been applied to rugs, so that today's rugs have many types.

2. Which materials are good for rugs?

The appearance of rug tiles has existed since ancient times. In ancient times, the main production force was relatively small, and it was limited by raw materials. Most of the rugs made were leather rugs, and the cost of such projects was also very high. It has long been rare, and the price is also very expensive.

Today's rugs can be divided into wool wool rugs, wool wool blended fabric rugs, chemical fiber raw material rugs, plastic rugs, silk fabric cowhide rugs, nylon rugs, polyester rugs, etc., according to the material. The key classification is this.

Among the rugs made of this material, let alone silk fabrics and cowhide rugs, this is the most expensive, and ordinary households rarely use such rugs, and woolen rugs are also expensive. The other categories are rugs are more common materials in ordinary households.

However, the general rug is mainly used for commercial use, so which material of this rug is good depends on the application. If you pay more attention to the comfort of the rug, then this wool wool rug or wool wool blended cloth rug is more suitable for that situation. If you pay more attention to wear resistance, it is a nylon material rug.

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