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Factory Direct Supplier Polyester Printed Carpet,Area rugs 800G

● Chrome Jet or Ink Printed Carpet

● Full Range Of Quality

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Company Profile

Homedec Carpet was founded in 2004,is a professional carpet manufacturer specialized in pattern designing&manufacturing.Homedec Carpet provides wall to wall carpet&Area rugs for commercial&residential project throughout the entire world. Homedec is certified by ISO9001, ISO14000, etc., owns 1,500 patents and becomes the company with the most patents in carpet industry.After nearly 20 years of development,we have more than 300 employees,obtains national high-tech enterprise,pioneer in the industry.The company currently has 3 printing lines, which can print 16DPI, 25DIP, 100DIP, 300DIP with production capacity of 20000 square meters / day. We have a team in the foreign trade, sales, production, technology in the company with 20 years of experience to craft carpet operation and management, also in the design , color, carpet glue, digital printing technology and equipment, full set of finishing etc.. 

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