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Gauge 1/10
Backing :PVC
Pile FiberNylon 
Pile Weight :400g/SQ.M 
Pile Height 4MM
Total Thickness7Mm(+-0.5)
Total Weight1380g/piece
Flammability ≥0.45(一级) 
Tile Size24"x24"
Wear WarranlyThis Product ensures that yarn loss will not exceed 10% for normal commercial use
Colour FastneeChanges are above 4 or no change
Dimensional StablilityGuarantee that under normal operating conditions ,the product size changes not more than 0.5mm, will not warp or extend 
Installation:  According to the site conditions recommended selection: no glue placed method, water-soluble glue, carept special stickers 

Company Profile

HomeDec is a manufacturer specialized in carpet process, an innovative pioneer, a responsible citizen of the world and an enterprise following the operation theory and even more。

HomeDec always adheres to a simple operation principle that is based on the minds and technologies to create the products and services with best quality and contribute to the social development of human being. HomeDec practices the concept all the time. The leaders of HomeDec enlist the best minds in the world and provide them with all kinds of resources to let them fully show their considerable talents. These measures yield fruitful results for HomeDec. HomeDec is certified by ISO9001, ISO14000, etc.,..

Production Flow

Why Choose Us

1. With unlimited colors gives  you unlimited design world.

2. Fast delivery within  one hour after receiving  the orders.

3. Durable usage with high  quality nylon fiber.

4. Easy clean, easy  maintenance.

5. Give hotel,commercial and residential rooms a quite,comfortable feeling.

6. High and Stable quality control, with full-scale covered quality inspection and control system, every-piece checked before delivery.

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